Friday, May 24, 2013

Mockingbird Essay

In to Kill a Mockingbird, there are many obstacles characters have to face and overcome throughout the novel. Atticus Finch, a major character in the novel, has to face a huge obstacle over racism against a black man named Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson is an african american man and he is indeed a slave. He is brought to court for rape and beating a little girl, which did not do. Atticus Finch is the attorney for Tom, and Atticus has to deal with a racist town and his sister saying he’s a bad father. A lot of people didn’t like the fact that he is standing up for a black man, he does anyway and because of it his kids even get attacked.
“Lemme tell you somethin‘ now, Billy,” a third said, “you know the court appointed him
to defend this nigger.”  pg. 87 This quote is one of the people in the club that is telling Billy that Atticus was appointed to defend Tom.
The point of this book is trying to show everyone about the time period that it takes place in was a very bad time. full of racism and and prejudice, and even murder. It shows that we can overcome any obstacle we face if we had the willpower and kept with it even through the rough times.
“—asked her if he beat her like that, she said yes he had. Asked her if he took
advantage of her and she said yes he did. So I went down to Robinson’s house and
brought him back. She identified him as the one, so I took him in. That’s all there was to
it.”  pg. 89 In this quote the judge is asking the girl if Tom beat her.
Now, the racism in the town is the majority of the population and Atticus stepped up and stood at his side as his attorney. Everyone hated him for doing that, they all were against tom robinson and him. Now if you are against a lot more people than you have, it seems like a losing fight. But, Atticus faces the obstacle head on against all those forces and manages to stay with it. That is remarkable considering it was all of the people of his town against basically one man defending another man who is African American and can’t fend for himself.
Tom Robinson was accused of beating and raping a girl. Even though she was the guilty one because she led him on and her father saw and beat her. In court no one would defend Tom, until Atticus steps up and helps Tom. Atticus’ own sister is against him and says he’s a bad father, because his sister still follows the old way and having slaves and being against them. I think this shows everyone that has read the novel have gotten a big outlook on racism and really understanding the impact that Atticus has made.
Atticus has two kids, a girl and a boy. Their names are Jem and Scout. They are also involved because they get attacked by a man that hated his father very much for standing up for an African American slave. The man almost stabs them with a knife, until Boo Radley saw them and stabbed the man from behind and saves the children.
Atticus was speaking so quietly his last word crashed on our ears. I looked up, and his
face was vehement.
“There’s nothing more sickening to me than a low-grade white man
who’ll take advantage of a Negro’s ignorance. Don’t fool yourselves—it’s all adding up
and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it. I hope it’s not in you children’s
time.” pg. 117 In this quote from the book, Atticus is saying quietly in regards to what white folk do to African Americans.
In the novel, there is a lot of racism throughout the whole town and the townspeople get very angered by Atticus for stepping up for a slave. No one else stepped up for Tom and as a result for sticking up for him a faced the town, and his own two kids get attacked, his very own sister antagonized him. But, he stuck through the court system, the racist town, and the attack of his children. Although Tom got killed it shows that we can overcome anything if really want to and put all effort in.


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  2. 1)He starts his essay with his intro.
    2)One quote that stood out is that kids made rumors about Boo saying that he eats cats.
    3)one thing this essay does well is talk about the story.
    4)This essay could use improvement on it's length.

  3. 1) The essay starts with Tom Robinson being introduced and the obstacles he will have to overcome.
    2) The first quote was the best because that is the one I think that can relate to the first paragraph the most.
    3) You explain the quotes you chose.
    4) Grammar could use a little fixing, just proof read it.

  4. 1. The essay starts off really strong explaining tom Robinson.
    2. i liked the second quote you could realy think about the character. It kinda even made you think.
    3. I liked how you explained the quotes very well. I could get the message you were trying to say
    4. check punctuation

  5. This essay begins by saying there are many obstacles in this story and that Tom has to deal with racism.

    I think the first example was the best because it really showd how much racism was in the town and the unfairness. tom has to deal with that everyday. Well not anymore cause he's dead but still.

    Something good about this essay is that it is long and has good details supporting the examples.

    I dont think you can improve this essay peter it is very well written good job man.

  6. 1. The essay starts with Tom being introduced. It is about his obstacles and problems he may face.

    2. The first quote is the best because it shows how Tom really has it coming for him.

    3. I like how organized your essay is. It was easy to follow and you explained your quotes really well.

    4. You should go back and check punctuation. Other than that is was really good !

  7. 1. The essay starts with Tom being introduced. It is about his obstacles and problems he may face.
    2. i liked the second quote you could really think about the character. It kinda even made you think. explained your quotes very well.
    4. nothing

  8. 1)this essay begins with the statement that many characters in this book face obstacles. this stories thesis is about overcoming racism.
    2)i liked the 3rd quote. it shows his attitude towards people who try and use the less fortunate.
    3)i like how your paper was clearly set up and the examples were set up so they weren't jumbled. it was very well spaced.
    4)id say that you kept jumping between past and present tenses' and it was a little distracting. otherwise good job.

  9. 1. good intro

    2. 2nd quote was my favorite

    3. i like the layout and order of your story

    4. final paragraph is spaced differently that the rest of your story

  10. 1. great start
    2. 1st quote was ok
    3. The order of the story was well put together
    4. I think you should work on those spacings or something.

  11. 1.) great way to start off love the info that you gave me
    2.)the whole thing was awesome
    3.)the whole story that you were talking about Tom R was great
    4.)you do not need any more info

  12. 1. I think you had a good start with your essay
    2. I liked the first quote
    3. I liked how you explained every part of detail in it.
    4. I dont think you need to fix anything.

  13. 1. the essay begins with talking about tom robinson and whats he's accused of, and Atticus is going to help him
    2. the third is the best because it really shows how Atticus's choice effected him
    3. the conclusion because it wraps everything up
    4. the grammar

  14. 1. this essay begins with a statement
    2. then it has some good details in the middle
    3. this essay also has some good quotes which make the essay better
    4. if there was something that could be added it would be more stuff about the book